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24 Jul

This is a Public service announcement:

I get on different social media sites to be different from it’s present tenants. I Do different things, I get on
Jus meet new people and Chat alil.. People are to bizzy wanting to be fake on sites, they are to bizzy trying to be this or that. They think it’s acceptable to disrespect people (men and women included) and not blink twice about it. Well I’m not like that. I’m honest. Have my own frame of mind. Don’t aspire to be a man because I am a man. My own style and I have some Wisdom bestowed upon me also. My tag “I just want to help the world”. Hey don’t hate me because #imjustbeinghonest


I am on social media as
Tedy Blessed

If you like what I do here. Follow on other sites. Stay blessed


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