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Where should Steve Nash Play?

Where should Steve Nash Play at next?
Chicago Bulls
Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets
Miami Heat
New York Knicks

Well I got some of the teams out of the way. It seems like they all make a great fit. If Nash opts for South beach, he has to take less money. Doesn’t that team
have a roster full of people who have cheated theirselves by taken less money. What I am saying is if Nash will accept less in South Beach why not in Chicago or another team?

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Lets Talk About It! Speak out on show cancellations

A lot of fans are upset by the recent news of the cancelations of their beloved TV shows. While i have read a vast majority of them I stand firm in saying, “I agree with all of you”. Not only do the shows need time I grow but they need time to work in other time slots. The Exces don’t care much if they work in other time slots . Nothing really comes on Tuesday & Wednesday or Saturday. It’s Sunday, Monday, Thursday & Fridays that are flooded. I also am sick of cop, Dr, lawyer shows.
Below is a readin of Tv lines report :

“ABC has officially passed on ordering second seasons of GCB, Missing, The River and Pan Am.

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

Earlier this evening, ABC greenlit the new dramas Nashville (fronted by Connie Britton), Zero Hour, Red Widow, the Shawn Ryan submarine thriller Last Resort, and the supernatural spooker 666 Park Avenue (with Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn).

Current ABC dramas set to return in the fall include Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Revenge and the frothy freshman Scandal. Still riding the bubble are Private Practice and Body of Proof.

Pan Am & GCB brought a different feel to tv, jus like Once Upon A Time & Revenge has. I think AMC & OLTL could have been given a chance on the night time basis. Once a week. Less writing, but alonger outcome for those fans who loved those shows. I’m advising all of you to flood these networks with your 140 characters of Twitter love or 490 of Facebook devotion. Let them know how you feel about these shows. Until we are heard or read nothing will happen. We have to let them know that Neilson does not sit in all our homes. Oh Neilson is the rating system they use.

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