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 “Maybe we should” 


         “Maybe we should” 
It says “if WE” confess OUR sins. That right there binds everybody as being guilty of sins. None greater than the next, but 1 John‬ ‭1‬:‭9‬ you see no matter what text you read it in. The first part is constant, I’ve studied it & looked it up in about 10 different formats. They all say “if WE” confess OUR sins. With that being said, maybe it’s time we focus on not leaving dust while we sweep up our own sins. Maybe it’s time to think about that your knife is just as sharp going in the next persons back, as it is yours. Maybe it’s time to think that it’s a day to day process & not a what you did yesterday process. Maybe it’s time to think that you don’t know everything because there are other people who are blessed with knowing alil also. Maybe it’s time to think about the first part of 1 John 1:9. “if WE” confess “OUR” sins. I’m just saying that maybe we should.
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