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Reaching And Receiving

While sometime reaching for a miracle , we start reaching and realize that we have already received a blessing.

This Illumination has been




When The Kitchen and I think. It’s like Beethoven and his Symphony. #masterpiece







Yu may ask the question, but in reality. #YuDontWantTheTruth




Reset by Isaac Carree go get the Album. Featuring R Kelly on The Clean this House Remix.

#CleanThisHouse was a blessing for me to hear by @isaaccarree . Then he went and Added @rkelly the remix. #Reset #rebuildmyclay



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A Lifetime is Conversation

“Sometimes it’s best jus being together without words, Than Tryna find things to say. A lifetime is conversation.”





People want to laugh while yu cry,
Take the visine and replace it with Sand for your eye. The want to enjoy the peace yu have in your life. They sneak to find places when yu turn your back. To sharpen the knife.




A Freedom of Speech Announcement : Realize It

A Freedom of Speech Announcement : Realize It

Some of you will wake up & realize this is your last message. Some of you will wake up & realize its not. Some of yu will go to sleep with this being the last thing yu read. Some of you won’t realize a thing. Me. I won’t care if you realize it or not.

Now have a blessed day.

This message is Tedy Blessed.


Strength & Power

When we pray as one we get strength.
When we pray together we get power.





How can believe someone who says they have changed, if they still have the same clothes on when they told yu.