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My God, I believe in You and all that You have taught, because You have said it, and Your word is true. Wipe my tears and continue the rebuild.

#CantThankYuEnuff #RebuildMyClayLord


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See the Difference

With out Jesus you are low,
With Jesus you are full. See the difference.



Yu don’t want

Love will get your info no matter where Yu are, sooner or later Yu need to face the fact that its Yu who don’t want love. Not love that don’t want Yu.




Not my punishment

What Your ex did to you is not my punishment to serve.




God & Heart

A brother is a friend God gave you; a friend is a brother your heart chose for you.




Won’t Stop

When yu have God in your life, the weather won’t stop the light from shining..




Hatred has no chance

Hatred causes arguments, but love overlooks all wrongs. (Proverbs 10:12 ERV)



Books & Tv

Happy Endings are only in Books and on Tv. I’m all out of books to read and I have no more tv shows to watch. The End




The End

Happy Endings are only in Movies & on Candy wrappers. I’m all out of candy & I have no more movies to watch. The End



Control my Thoughts

Dear Lord, I pray today that You help me to control my thoughts. Help me to not think any evil towards anyone or anything.