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Forget Things

Yu see when people are goin threw and visiting whatever they are paused in life with. They forget things like Tunnels have exits, wholes have covers and walls have a way around. Yu see God is the tunnels exit, the wholes cover and the way around anything. The best prayer is the one we send & let go to God.




Give the Devil a Kick

If yu wanna Give the Devil a Kick in the Stomach. Forgive the ones who have done yu wrong. Holding onto it makes the devil Stronger, lettin it go will make yu stronger.




Conversation Between Brother & Sister

Conversation Between Brother & Sister

Brother: Don’t forget my gift
Sister: Ok. Wht do u wnt
Brother: Someone to love me beside god & Yu.
Sister: Typing Answer
Brother: Naw. I’m jokin about The statement & gift. I’m loved by many so I’m good.
Sister: Lol ima def pray tht God helps u find her
Brother: I’d rather Yu pray that he keeps me on his path. If I’m off I can’t help the word. That includes Yu my dear sister.
Sister: Well thank u sir & I surely will!




It’s taken Care of

I (or we) don’t worry or let it things bother me. God has been were I’m goin. I (or we) jus need to get there to see what God has worked out. I (or we) can’t give up on God because God has not given up on me (or us).





Those who Wait

The devil confuses those that think for quick answers. Not those who wait..




Your Evicted

Forgiveness is tellin the hate in your heart. That its evicted .




Pride will……

Pride will never let yu understand how to be humble.