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How I feel about the NBA: Nothing Ballin About it selection



The nba all star game is fixed with the starters who get picked. There should be a rule stating of you are hurt this many games or have been hurt a certain amount of game you cant play in the all star game, that’s an individual award. If you can’t come back to play for your team, you shouldn’t be allowed to play in this game or be picked as a selection. Look at Kobe. Hurt the past 3years. All he is doing is sucking up money from LA. He’s been hurt more that Rose. But Rose didn’t get picked. No Jimmy Butler. Melo, Lebron, Kobe all have missed about 2-4 weeks if not more there are players who are more deserving of the chance. Durant wasn’t picked as a starter. What? Kd but we get Melo and Kobe. If it’s about the team winloss record them Kobe, Melo should be off. now Miami players. At least Deng. He’s been a1 for them, rondo was all the celts had. Inhale the fact that they took the Centers role out also. That’s not the problems with the all star game. So yall know I am a Bulls Fans all day every day with #nodaysoff . If they suck I’ll tell you they suck and don’t Deserve a thing. The NBA needs to do better on these selection. 



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God Be Like


God be in Heaven like let me clear this highway. #thankyouLord


#butGod moment: as I am