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I $aid That: Micheal Sam




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Peace does not equal violence


It’s a lot of stress going around the USA right now. People are wanting change but are not participating in do it the right way.
So alot has changed but what has changed. It’s color today where everything then was black & white. People not sleeping because they pulling shifts during the nite. Martin Lurther King has been Reduced to the initials MLK. Because people like it and it’s cool to say. M. Has his name gotten that long that it shortens by the day. L. Had the dream jus become what we all sleep to see. K. Are we only dreaming that we can be free. Hold your hands up, and I won’t shoot. But who had anger problems and destroys buildings and hard working places. Who is that first person that whispers let’s Loot. When will this stop. When will we all come of age. When will We let go off the rage. It’s time to wake up and make the dream a reality. Photo done by @wrightwayphoto “#ferguson #peacedoesnotequalviolence #wakeup


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#GetYaPrioritiesStraight : Stop clowning around