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Only Plan

“If you still worried about everything that Yu planned being ruined. Then I’m here to tell Yu that the only plan that really matters is Gods Plan.”



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Get in the Bag

“Get in the Bag”
“Sometimes yu clean thinking yu need to clean. Yu throw away erybodies stuff but your own. Have you ever thought that’s your bag and pick up the wrong garbage? All the stuff yu Use to clean, will clean you aswell. The next time yu say yu need a hefty trash bag for someone else, take that bag to the curb. Open it. Do the hokey pokey and don’t get out. It’s your turn to be cleaned.”

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I Pray

“I Pray”
Today I pray that all saints are one
All families are indeed just that a family
That we be blessed with a blanket
A blanket of love
A blanket of comfort
A blanket of guidance
for our arms, hands, legs & feet
So that they might be attached by
Strings from heaven
If we be puppets then from
Heaven will our direction come.
I pray this prayer under the feet of God
I pray this prayer standin in the midst of Jesus
I pray this prayer with the blessing of the spirits
With God dipping my tongue I say Amen.

“This passage has been brought to you by Tedy Blessed & Kneeling 2Find away in anyway”


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A lot more time to think is always nice & relaxing. Nothing to rush you. Jus time to look around & see things. Then think. Different people. Think. No matter the situation. Think. No matter the time. Think. It’s the one opportunity we as people have to see how amazing life is in its ups & Downs. Think.



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Money got my mind Blank…At times

Thank Yu
Thank Yu
Thank Yu
Thank Yu

I could keep goin but this piece by
Derrick Ward (@DerrickWard32) threw his twitter account,said exactly what I thought. I was about to put it on for all to see, I see this is why I waited. Actually. I already posted I think over 6 months ago on another site. Why do athletes get caught drinking & drivin? With the job economy down hire somebody who needs a job. That lowers the unemployment rate. Stop making that racial profiling excuse. Was anybody thinkin about that when they were getting drunk? When they were getting high? Naw…. But it was the thought after. I think the money got your mind blank… At times. Sure it happens, but so does motor vehicular homicides from impaired drivers of all ethnicities. Basically it’s your fault. Unless you were tricked into drinking, smoking or whatever it is. If you had hired a driver your problem would have been solved. That is unless he or she was impaired also.



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“Tell yu the Truth”

“Tell yu the Truth”

I come from a group of people who know what it’s like to be lied2. I am a leader or better yet a mentor for truth. Our motto:
“If I don’t tell yu the truth I won’t tell yu nuthin at all”.

Alot of people will not deny a lie but deny the truth. That’s backwards yea I know but it’s the truth. The bible has truth spread all over it. If yu read anywere yu will find some form of truth. The Bible also speaks how people turn on yu for tellin yu the truth but they embrace a lie. Uhmm I guess our moto is heaven sent.

“Lets be Hell rejected & Heaven Accepted”.



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A Real Man

“A Real Man”

A real man Cries.
A real man admits he is right or wrong.
A real man listens.
A real man doesn’t make excuses.
A real man follows.
A real man leads.
A real man will follow until its his turn to lead.
A real man complains.
A real man provides.
A real man frowns.
A real man laughs.
A real man has all kinds of emotions.
A real man wears his pants around his waist.
A real man is respected.
A real man is just human.
A real man is always blessed no matter what.



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A Real Woman

“A Real Woman”

A real woman Cries.
A real woman admits she is right or wrong.
A real woman listens.
A real woman doesn’t make excuses.
A real woman follows.
A real woman leads.
A real woman will follow until its her turn to lead.
A real woman complains.
A real woman provides.
A real woman frowns.
A real woman laughs.
A real woman has emotions.
A real woman dresses appropriately.
A real woman is respected.
A real woman is always blessed no matter what.



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“Not so Small after all”

“Not so Small after all”

Yu know the road to heaven is much like walking on a wooden beam. Yu stay centered going forward an backwards. When we fall, we fall forwards or we fall backwards. It’s a safe zone. What we don’t realize is that the Devil knows he has free pull from the Left & Right. When this occurs we need to recenter ourselves & continue on the road that’s not so small after we are not distracted.

“Heaven sent words by
Tedy Blessed”



“Will it read like that”

“Will it read like that”

Matthew 27: 3-5

3 When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders.

4 “I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood.”
“What is that to us?” they replied. “That’s your responsibility.”

5 “So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself.”

Yu see alot of us are seized with remorse when we see how our betrayal has turn out for someone else (Like verse 3). Alot of us are Judas.
Then we feel guilty, a early feeling of depression of some sort. Then we try & right a wrong, (“I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood.”) but the people who got what they wanted careless of what we think. Why should they after they have achieved victory in their on eyes as in verse 4:
“What is that to us?” they replied. “That’s your responsibility.”

After we have sunk an let the depression creep in. Well it did not creep it walked right in, because we let it win over us. Somepeople do the same as Judas did as verse 5 says,
“So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself”.

Alot of us would have keep the money but some would have not. Alot of us would have let ourselves sink so deep that we think a rope wit no love for the bodies it holds or has held is the way. Well let’s back up. If judas would have went to Jesus when he realised what he had done, things would have been different for him. If not going to those who wanted Jesus more than they wanted to believe the things they saw & heard him do. Then Judas would not have gave Depression power in the form of a rope.

I say to whoever may or may not read this or pass this on. That yu don’t have to wait for Sunday, Wednesday or some church service to get right with God. God is not just waiting at the church, he is waitin were ever you are. No matter what you or we have done, being ashamed is not a gift. It’s a reason for you not to allow God to carry out the plan he has already laid out for you. You worried that he won’t except you, well he is the one who made you. Is that not enough acceptance. The next holiday or church day might not be yours but right now is. There is no other way to God but by tellin him your problems. The last thing you want anybody to hear or read about you is verse 5 of Matthew 27: 3-5. “Will it read like that”.



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