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AnytimeThoughts: Don’t Give up


Did You Send me A Message?

Did You send me a Message God: Did you send me a message 

Me: Yes. Did you get it. 

God: No

me: what? I sent that about a week or two ago. 

God. You may have forgot to push send

Me: now God. I know I pushed send. 

God: I saw when you sent the last one, but I 

         never go this new one. 

Me: ok. But how did you know I sent you a 

              message then. 

God: because Jesus saw your Human IP 

          address had stopped at certain points 

          lately and then it stopped around the time 

          that message was being sent. 

Me: Human IP address ? 

God: yes. You know them as Footprints 👣 in 

         the sand. I saw where you had stop 

         making footprints 👣. So I figured you 

         had sent me a message. 

Me: God I thank you for checking on me. I know 

        that you are on time when it’s the right 

        time. I do appreciate you for all you do for 

        me. Even when I don’t t show appreciation. 

        I just want to say thank you. 

God: you are loved in good times and and 

         times. I won’t judge you because you fall.

         Hey I gotta go. I just got a message from 

         one of your friends. 

Me: thanks 🙏🏾 God. 
This message has been #GodApprovedJesusStampedAndTedyBlesse