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Crodile Tears hurt

There is a sayin “You’re crying Crocodile tears”. Which means your tears are fake. Well let me open up an avenue in the middle of that. You see they are fake but as they roll down the face of whoever is crying those tears truth is it hurts them. Tear by tear until they stop.

# MyChainsAreBroken



Step back & Leap

Sometimes yu have to take a few steps back, before yu Leap to were yu trying to be.




Evolution of A man

“The Evolution of a man is something only a man can take. Once the Evolution is complete only then will the Chains Start to break.”

#mychainsarebroken #reemergenceofme #iamtedyblessed



Reemergence Of Me

Reemergence Of Me

To some people im stupid.
I’m coming & they say he’s not.
To some people I have wisdom.
I’m comin & they say he does.
To some people they want to try me.
I’m here but I bring an army so don’t.
To others I’m walkin in the blood & I’m respected but also blessed.
To me I’ve been gone way to long.





Glass Breaker




The blueprint for being done is a glass breaker.