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This is very real video. #showsuppprt to Ms Inanna Sarkis

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Pay Attention to Who You are talking To

“The woman said to him, “I know that Messiah is coming” (the one called Christ); “whenever he comes, he will tell us everything.” Jesus said to her, “I, the one speaking to you, am he.””

John 4:25-26 NET

I put a note on these two verses because it calls out to me. If I were to give a subject on it I would call it “Pay Attention to Who You are talking To”. I saw that because this Samaritan women had a full conversation with the Son of God, The messiah or The bright and morning star. She had no clue that the Person she and everyone had heard of was in her presence. Now in her defense those are different times than they are now but the times are still very much the same. You see in today’s times. A picture of Jesus is everywhere, but in those times the sketches where still being drawn. Every time I read this passage I see Jesus sitting at the well. I see The Samaritan women getting water. It’s like I am present while it’s all happening. Like when John was given a glimpse of the new heavens and earth in Revelations.

Now Verse 25 & 26 can be related to our time right now a lot of times we aren’t aware of the people we are talking to. Like the Samaritan woman was. We will have a full convo and find out at the end that this is the person that we have heard of. This day and age people say water is life. We this parable about the Samaritan Woman & her exchange with Jesus tells us the Jesus is life. Only he can quench your thirst & have you never to thirst again. Not water, not energy drinks, not caffeine, not sugar but Jesus. If not for my God who I willing share with all of you. Where would we be? Pay Attention to Who You are talking To, you never know if Jesus has sat down for a drink. And to quench your thirst.

Y’all have a blessed time in the Lord, because the Lord will have a blessed time in you.

Thoughts by Tedy Blessed


Thoughts: #AllLivesMatter

   Thoughts: if you know me then you know that When I speak I speak to those who know I’m talking to them. I don’t get offended by much. I agree with some people’s views, and I understand others. The media only shows what it shows to broadcast a certain way or thing. I can tell you that the #AllLivesMatter is because I & a lot of people see all lives being effected. Others may not. That does not mean that people don’t think #BlackLivesMatter when they say #AllLivesMatter it means all. I have seen all races get killed by the Authoritative position holders. I have been pulled over, car searched & questioned. 

  Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. My question is When does Black Lives matter? Does it matter if I start a business? Or does it matter when a family is struggling with bills? Or does it matter when wrongful convictions are present? Or is it just when death is happening? When does Black Lives matter? Is it all the time or just sometimes? 

   See as a people of the darker shade we don’t support our people like we should all the time. We will tear down more than we build up. Not all the apples are bad because one has a small cut on it. They good thing is we are all talking. The bad thing is nobody is acting appropriately about what needs to happen. No one is putting an appropriate plan in action. It’s not an Obama thing, it’s our thing. It’s always been going on. Just more than average now. 

   The last few generation is more fight with weapons instead of the most powerful weapon the mind. You can win with your mind if we think before we act. I don’t see a lot of people joining the military to help fight overseas. I know a lot of you will read this and go against everything I said. That’s fine. I accept that but can you accept the fact that you may not be totally right.

Violence only brings on more violence. 

Violence x Violence = more violence

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#AllLivesMatter lets join together in Change. Together we can accomplish more as one than we can apart. I’m not saying that #BlackLivesMatter don’t matter, what I’m saying is we should recognize that #AllLivesMatter & join together in Change.


Patience is 🔑


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