The question is does this cause for celebration?

Arod should have been given the Pete Rose treatment on baseball, but he is there golden boy. This mark or achievement is only meant to be a slap in the face of Barry Bonds ( never Proven guilty) , Sammy Sosa & Mark McGuire. The crucifixional lambs of MLB. As they put them three on the MLB Cross. They wouldn’t forgive them. But they’ve forgiven This Guy over & over & over again. Is it right! No. Do they care? No. They Blackballed Barry bonds out of the league. He final got his ring as a hitting coach for the San Francisco Giants.

The question is does this cause for celebration? Your opinions can be put in the comments. 


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#WhatLoveIs : Relationship Goals


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“The Visionaire Campaign”

If you are looking for new and innovative ways to see things, then it’s here “Written Vision Ent has “The Visionaire Campaign” going. It’s for you to get your  #VisionUp get it way up #VisionWayUp .


#YourInspiration2live : ill pray for you


Lifeguard on duty



Let me explain something to a few people. In life we all have things that pile on tops of us. We get deeply buried into it. Blinded by the deception that there is no way out. Oh But there is. You see we have forgot that If we look at the Light. Its peeking over the exit. The exit is an Automatic door. The blessing in it is Jesus is the exit. After you realize this fact. You should keep on moving. 💨💨🙏✌️


This message has been




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