Monthly Archives: October 2014


Ok. I have not spoke about this. So here I go. The NBA had an experiment this past Sunday (19Oct 2014), with a game where they played 44minutes. Now some of the players are rally to get that the norm. My thing is they are played to pay 48minutes. Wow. Are they that sorry that they can’t make another 4minutes. Omg. That’s why you make the big bucks guys. This is not college. This is nots high school. This is not overseas. It’s the top of the chain. It’s “The NBA”. Where for years we’ve saw battles change in that last four minutes of a game. Where MJ hit a game winning shot on the Jazz, he dished it to Paxton. Where bird and magic went at each other. Where Moses Malone battle wilt, and was the man in Philly. Keep my 4 minutes & Give me 48 minutes.