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A Freedom of Speech Announcement : Grown

A Freedom of Speech Announcement .

For all yu who like playin with kids. That’s good for yu. News flash I’m not one. I don’t play with kids. I have 5 nieces & one neff nd I don’t play with them. For all yu living inside out ya minds. Yu better reverse that & get back inside ya self. I’m a grown man. Not a child. I don’t play games anymore. I do grown people stuff. If yu don’t know why that is. Yu might not be grown yet. If i want to sit in the house, I can sit in the house. If I want to go to kalmafreakin Zoo ill go to K’Zoo. I don’t not give to flying brand new nickels what ya think about me. Yu do. I do not hate on people. Waste of time. I’m hated in because I am me. I’m honest. Hated for it. I’m fair. Hated for it. I take care of my own. Hated for it. I’m a Good Samaritan. Hated for it. Loved & liked by people. Hated for it. Believe in God. Hated for it. I treat everybody the same. Hated for it. I’m peaceful. Hated for it. I don’t smile. Hated for it. I do smile. Hated for it. Word of advice. Avd take notice to this. Say whatever or do whatever yu want. But a person like me is best suited when yu on my side & I trust yu. Don’t piss me off. Or yu wavy need the key to hell. Because you will be staring at it. Now have a blessed day.

This message is Tedy Blessed.


Choosing the right One

What would yu rather have? Somebody who’s goes to War with yu or Somebody who sends yu? The one who goes will got I wat with yu no matter what. The one who sends yu, is the reason yu are having problems with choosing which one yu want. #WhatAreFriends #WhatIsReality #LoveCaughtInTheMiddle




Life has no favour

Bad things happen to people who do Bad things. Good things also happen to people who do Bad things. Bad Things happen to people who do Good things. Good things also happen to people who do Good things. This is life, life does not give favouritism towards one or the other.




Let Me Help Yu

My day isn’t ruined by other people’s problems, its enhanced by helpin them fix them. Help them See a different light than how they see it.




Yu don’t Want It..

Stop lookin inside if its standing in front of yu. Once yu walk away from happiness it takes Awhile for it to comeback to yu.




Thank Yu

To everybody who has liked, read, visited or done anything on my page. I want to say thank yu. I may not answer yu when yu send the message but I will answer yu if yu leave a message. Once again thank yu all for everything. Stay tuned for more to come. #StayBlessed


Somebody Needs Us

Sometime we have to Stand up for who needs us & not what needs us.





Your arrogance has deceived you.You live on rocky cliffs.You make your home up high.You say to yourself, ‘No one can bring me down to earth.’ Even though you fly high like an eagleand build your nest among the stars,I will bring you down from there,” declares the Lord. (Obadiah 1:3, 4 GWT)



Birth to Success

Yu have To find ways to give birth to success. Be it’s parent. Watch it grow. Love it. Hate it. Give it Life. Make it something to be proud of.






If we stop to think about the day. We will realise that the day is not bad nor good. It’s how we look at it that judges one or the other. That changes the scale to lean to one side or the other. Ok we see how our bills are late. We see how we not workin alot of hours or not workin at all. We see our car is broke down. We see our relationships struggling. Our focus is on the lean towards bad anything. So how about stopping to refocus. Reset the scale to zero balance. Out of everything you are goin threw the one thing yu are takin for granted is….. God is goin threw it with yu. Even tho god has already went threw it. God is goin threw it again but this time with yu. Hold up. Yu sayin God is not here or he wouldn’t allow this. Or why would he allow this? Well let me tell yu God knows that perfection is not gunna happen for us. He knows that we will lose focus. That’s when he wants us to remember to #Refocus. Remember how he had the angels reporting to him about how yu were always doing what’s right. He wants us to refocus & put bit back in our minds & hearts that hi love is not goin to stop no matter how much trouble we get into. Refocus & remember that heaven is out goal. He wants us to remember that heaven is not being pushed on is but presented to us as a gift for simply being obedient & love him. Every now & then jus take some time to Refocus on what God has for us & not what the devil is Tryna give us.

This message has been