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Full or Empty

Is your love for Jesus
Half Full or Half Empty?



Break them down by Syllables

Words that are put together to hurt yu, can also be taken apart not to.



Time Slipping

if yu don’t value time ya clock will stop.




I want give up

The Devil is strong the closer Yu want to give up. Weaker the more Yu fight.




Help Me Stand Lord

I’m always blessed. Struggling is part of life. If Yu never try to get up Yu will always lay down. Oooo Lawd Yu Already Know..




Remember me Lord

Sometimes we forget to give our problems to the Lord. When we forget the Lord he doesn’t forget us he jus waits for us to call him. Then he heals whatever we are goin threw. But we must have faith that he will get us to we’re we need to be. Oooo Lawd Yu already know.




Look Around not jus behind

You see not all backstabbers aim for your back. Some of them hit from all sides, then claim innocents. They Smile in your face all the time they tryna take your place.. Finish the song.



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