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Raid over

This is what wrongs with the NFL or shall I say pro sports. If you change your head coach every year or two. Then you can’t get stability for your team. No matter who you bring in to coach. At some point you have to hold the pompous attitude of the players accountable for thier play. The raiders need to redo thier office. When it’s draft time they need people who can talk to the scouts for the organization. Get those people on your war room, so they can brief the head coach and his staff. The raiders need more things than a fired coach. Allen can only work with what he is given. So let’s look at what he was given. A bad offense that has no protection for its offensive players. An ok Defense, that has ok people on it. The raiders are just like its name. Old and outdated. Hmm since everything is now in a sensitive age. How about we look at what the name Raiders. It’s offensive. So why isn’t it changed. They are not. Have not lived up to the definition of a raider in a long time. The NFL has no patience anymore. Teams use to build championship teams. Now they pay for what they think is an auto championship. If you build it piece by piece, then you will see your work pay off.



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The ARod rules

Wait a minute what?!?
So this guy keeps getting Chances. Why? Everybody else gets crucified. Pete Rose deserves this same rule. Let’s call it the Alex Rodriguez rule of mlb. NBA has the bird rights rule. So now mlb has the ARod rules. How many more chances does he get.



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Draft kings

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