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Raid over

This is what wrongs with the NFL or shall I say pro sports. If you change your head coach every year or two. Then you can’t get stability for your team. No matter who you bring in to coach. At some point you have to hold the pompous attitude of the players accountable for thier play. The raiders need to redo thier office. When it’s draft time they need people who can talk to the scouts for the organization. Get those people on your war room, so they can brief the head coach and his staff. The raiders need more things than a fired coach. Allen can only work with what he is given. So let’s look at what he was given. A bad offense that has no protection for its offensive players. An ok Defense, that has ok people on it. The raiders are just like its name. Old and outdated. Hmm since everything is now in a sensitive age. How about we look at what the name Raiders. It’s offensive. So why isn’t it changed. They are not. Have not lived up to the definition of a raider in a long time. The NFL has no patience anymore. Teams use to build championship teams. Now they pay for what they think is an auto championship. If you build it piece by piece, then you will see your work pay off.


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I $aid That: Micheal Sam




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Hmm… My only question would be who or whom are these deciding factor type people on what racism or slander of the ethnic demeanor means. Is there a board? If so. Who elected it. Are all races represented. How do they decide what priority and what we go over later. Do they judge like the NBA does it flopping rules. By that I mean the NBA has that rule but still does not use it fairly. Do they judge by how Florida judges people. Or Texas does. Maybe they judge by how golden globe, academy awards, oscar and many other fixed award show do. I jus want to know. Who has appointed themselves the Subject matter expert. I am Tedy blessed and this has been a public service announcement. #AskOryouwillneverknow



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Money got my mind Blank…At times

Thank Yu
Thank Yu
Thank Yu
Thank Yu

I could keep goin but this piece by
Derrick Ward (@DerrickWard32) threw his twitter account,said exactly what I thought. I was about to put it on for all to see, I see this is why I waited. Actually. I already posted I think over 6 months ago on another site. Why do athletes get caught drinking & drivin? With the job economy down hire somebody who needs a job. That lowers the unemployment rate. Stop making that racial profiling excuse. Was anybody thinkin about that when they were getting drunk? When they were getting high? Naw…. But it was the thought after. I think the money got your mind blank… At times. Sure it happens, but so does motor vehicular homicides from impaired drivers of all ethnicities. Basically it’s your fault. Unless you were tricked into drinking, smoking or whatever it is. If you had hired a driver your problem would have been solved. That is unless he or she was impaired also.



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Letter to Roger Goodell the nfl Commish.

Hello Roger Goodell

So it seems like Roger is into bullying teams to go to LA. I heard it was a bounty program in place. Ruin certain teams to Make them Move. I’m jus jokin bout the bounty or i am. What’s different from a bounty & paying players bonuses for more hits, tackles, passes, touchdowns, yards, interceptions, fumbles recoverys or any other motivational tool the owners use to keep From giving their employees full benefits.

Stop light vs Stop Sign,
Yellow light vs Yield sign
Green light vs Broken stop lights/No stop signs
All you can eat Buffett vs a place that’s says you don’t have to pay

There is no difference unless you feel
Like making up something.

Back to the original
Focus who cares if there is a team in la. Umm already happened. Failed. Thats why they left for St louis . Also there are 32 teAms and all you want to do is make it an 18 game
Season. WoW how dumb you are. You increased the teams but did not increase the amount of playoff teams. Why not make
It a 16team playoff:

No 1st round byes anymore
1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5
#1 & 2 have home field all the way to the conference finals.

Nobody cares about the end Of the season anymore. Then you want to add more games. If you do it my way , you benefit more. The playoffs are what benefits. Let’s see how bad they want it. These ate the pros they get paid to work. People who go to work a regular job have to pull doubles an triples sometime. So they want to be able to see some smash mouth knockout blood droppin , hand wrapping feet elevated body damaged dirt in the helmet football. Not this football that Yu changing from when Yu got it all takin from you. Get over it. A lot of athletes have had knew injuries, but not the silver spoon after the injury you had.

You power hungry . You do things because you know you can & nobody can say anything that you are willing to listen to. Give me my money. Your bounty program is called Football. What’s its built on. On offense it’s called the cut block, crack block, take out his knees, pancakes the offensive line does. On defensive the plays are called blitz, mike , Sam , dog, bear, qb contain, some, nickel, quarter . Get over yourself. The saints. Is this more about them beating the odds or you losing the odds. New Orleans has been threw enough.

Have you examined hat behind the steel curtain. You know the one that was present in the Super Bowl against Arizona. Or Baltimore, Ny giants when thy were beating the patriots, the jets, have you looked. No. But we get this anonymous evidence just like from Major league baseballs look into steroids. They only wanted Barry bonds. They went threw alot to get him. Letting Clemons off, But bonds already got something. He don’t just walk free. Like aRod. It’s all a Cohorts, hold this guy while we make this guy or gal something.

Well Roger you have no say over me, but your day is coming. You can only do so Much until The lady sings. Her name Is Karma. You have a blessed day.


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My letter to Tedy Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi,

1st off I wanna say football is a team sport Tedy. That is also a corporate answer. The New England Patriots don’t particularly play team ball. A team has participation from all, it doesn’t get players just to embarrass them. You are shooting your mouth off about people who speak their opinion on what they think. Also you were picked by NE patriots because everything fell right for that to happen. Not everybody has a chance to play on Super Bowl teams. So they choose teams they think has the potential. They also chose these teams thinking, hopeing, believing they would be the final piece to make it all happen.

I get it. You have 3 superbowls rings. You will make it to the Hall of Fame one day. The one thing you seem to not clinch onto is, that guys who don’t have those rings…. Well they have the Hall of Fame to look forward to. All those individual honors you do candidly speak of. They all gave credit to their team for helping them. Now with that being said, how are your individual credits going to be remembered. Yea your interceptions for returns you have a record for, the sacks, tackles & special teams (key word) plays you had. The team did not do that, you did. Hold up but the team helped you, by playing their part. You see Tedy Lecap Bruschi sometimes you just need to shut up. You don’t have a voice it belongs to ESPn. My voice is mine, no matter who I work for or am.

Have a blessed day.

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A Reply to a comment on Facebook about Wwe raw 1000th

A Reply to a comment on Facebook about WwE’s raw 1000th show. I’m not actually correct in the sentence spacing. Guess what I don’t care. I don’t write to satisfy the people who like being correct or being wrong. I do it to satisfy me. Exactly how I say it is how I type it or write it. Everybody’s not politically correct. So enjoy agree or disagree either way it’s your opinion & your right.

Since the wwe has erased Chris Benoit. I owe it to all his fans to remind them of how Benoit was a very important part of wwe history from when he redebued as a part of the radicalz to the wars with cena, wm match with MvP, 3threat match with y2j, Angle for the ic & European titles. Oh let’s not forget ThE 1st ever submission match with angle with lead to an ultimate submission match. The tag matches with y2j vs dudleys, hardys & edge & Christian. Plus his golden moment of he & Eddie hugging each other after him
Winning wreatlemania against Hbk & 3h. What he accomplished in the ring is what we honor. What happens is a result of a world wide epidemic in all sports. Not just wrestling, but boxing, football, baseball, hockey, soccer & rugby jus to name a few. Junior Seau want erased from nfl, but remembered for all he accomplished in the field. The job is dangerous, we get it. What i don’t get is why it’s an alienation of the blood sweat & tears, that the people have poured in it for along as they have done it. Don’t take it away from them when their memory’s of the ring are what needs to remembered & cherished. Thankful no matter how much the wwe tries
Chris “The Rabid Wolverine” Benoit, will always be remembered threw a crippler crossface, the triple German suplex that Kurt Angle Does. Or the Diving Headbutt. When raw does these episodic shows nobody ever realises its always the same clips. I like the WWE but I have watches wrestling since 75. Maybe they need to change things starting with the 1000 episode of raw.

How about acknowledging people who she won title in TnA,Roh, IwGP, Apjw & the other major entities in Japan. The NHL, nfl, nba, MLB, wnba, Mls, boxing, & other organisations acknowledge people who have won titles elsewhere. TNA, Roh, & All threw Japan does it. Change that at the 1000 shows. Stop tryna own everything. Let the guys own the name if they come up with it, if the wwe comes up with it they own it. Oh & stop lying every week about whats trending the most. How about some real facts. Cena doesn’t have to be one everything build some new starts threw twitter.Raw congrats on all the people you have made & destroyed on your way to 1000 shows. I am probably going to take some heat for all of this but I don’t care. I’ll never here Vince or Paul say I got to words for ya
“Your Fired!”

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Chad OchoCinco released my thoughts

I actually find this hard to believe. I’m in agreement with Stephen A. Smith when he says, “You mean to tell me. That Chad OchoCinco can’t learn the play book. You mean to tell me that the patriots couldnt have said Chad go deep. Or chad run a 10 & curl out or left. ”

I think that explains it. I have watch the patriots & I have noticed that the African American athletes who don’t put out. Get put out. Its not only the African Americans as they are labeled these days, but they have released others. I think it was more about embarrassing the guy. I have seen Welker mess up routes. Is he gone. Speaking of Welker. How many balls did the 2nd Golden drop in the SuperBowl compared to what Chad drop.

What it bowls down to is there should be no star besides Tom Brady. Oh & I like Tom Brady, but I’m changing my mind on the patriots. Chads not the 1st guy banished for unknown reasons. Care to say Randy”TheRecordBreaker”Moss. The link below explains things alittle.

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