03 Oct

⁃ “Im”

⁃ Sometimes I stand outside and look up at the sky & wonder why can’t I hear you talking to me God? Why can’t I hear you answering my questions? Why can’t my tears & prayers heal this world? Why can’t I take on some of the pain others are dealing with? Why can’t I do more? Why can’t I be more than I am. I’m out here looking for answers to fall.

⁃ Then I realize that my tears are answers. My heart is an answer. I realize that my tears aren’t wasted because with each one that’s Falls and hits the ground. That’s becomes healing for those who need it. My tears are prayers from a broken heart that is still full of love. Lord I can only continue on this journey because Jesus wept before me. I won’t give up because this world needs me. These people need me while I’m here. This world need more smiling faces. It needs more people that’s standing to help the fallen. This life isn’t perfect but it is life. Help Me to focus on the answer you are giving me & not the ones I think I need.

⁃ Help me be stronger when I am weak. Help Me to forgive without regret or anger. Help me to help Make my steps a path for someone whose lost. Lord I feel your presence even when in already new you were standing with me. Thanks for loving me in your clay process. Thanks for showing me what Love is, for telling me Don’t give up.

#WhatLoveis #DontGiveUp #YourInspiration2Live


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