RSS NBA has done it again. Why does it matter now. I think the coaches should ah e four challenges to calls they can use in each quarter or they lose them. The last two minutes of each game doesn’t do any good anymore. The refs don’t check those plays. Time After time after time we see these post that happens after games. It happens in all sports. I don’t want to hear about the game is to fast. Wrong answer. There are instant replays in New York who are supposed to be looking at that. Players & coaches get fined for saying anything. What do the refs get for not calling the game like it should be called. No favorites. Allot of these refs takes sides. That’s not their jobs. It’s their job to call a game. Wether it’s lbj, or JaVale McGhee, or Bucky Johnson who ever plays. Last few games in these playoffs. I have seen James Harden push off. No call. Lbj travel. No call. Isaiah Thomas carry the ball. No call. Steph carry the call. No call. If we can see it at home. Then I know they can see it. If they have a problem, then it’s time for some new refs who don’t have a problem. Adam Silver it’s time for you to make this right.

25 Apr
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