A Freedom of Speech Announcement : Grown

30 May

A Freedom of Speech Announcement .

For all yu who like playin with kids. That’s good for yu. News flash I’m not one. I don’t play with kids. I have 5 nieces & one neff nd I don’t play with them. For all yu living inside out ya minds. Yu better reverse that & get back inside ya self. I’m a grown man. Not a child. I don’t play games anymore. I do grown people stuff. If yu don’t know why that is. Yu might not be grown yet. If i want to sit in the house, I can sit in the house. If I want to go to kalmafreakin Zoo ill go to K’Zoo. I don’t not give to flying brand new nickels what ya think about me. Yu do. I do not hate on people. Waste of time. I’m hated in because I am me. I’m honest. Hated for it. I’m fair. Hated for it. I take care of my own. Hated for it. I’m a Good Samaritan. Hated for it. Loved & liked by people. Hated for it. Believe in God. Hated for it. I treat everybody the same. Hated for it. I’m peaceful. Hated for it. I don’t smile. Hated for it. I do smile. Hated for it. Word of advice. Avd take notice to this. Say whatever or do whatever yu want. But a person like me is best suited when yu on my side & I trust yu. Don’t piss me off. Or yu wavy need the key to hell. Because you will be staring at it. Now have a blessed day.

This message is Tedy Blessed.


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