Oooo lord Yu Already know

12 Aug

“Oooo Lord Yu already know”

Today im gunna let alil bit out of what God has givin me to say. Sometimes all you can say is Ooo lord Yu already know. Some scripture you are meant to read at a certain time. Some you are meant for another time but you won’t know it until you need it. Enjoy this because God has blessed it as so. As the song says: “If it wasn’t For the Lord. Were would I be. My life would be nothing without him watching over me. He made the difference.” oooo lawd you already know. Thank you lord. I say thank. For changing me from 100% sinner to a 75% follower who tryna do right. You said it yourself Jesus. Nobody is perfect. I jus don’t see why people are still lookin to get over on the next person. I guess they don’t understand. When you step on somebody you stepping on jesus. People still askin WwJd? Well I guess they never started or stop reading their bible because you left a discription of what you did and what we are supposed to do. Hmm I’m gunna stop, sumbody Say Ooo lord you already know.



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