Get out or sit there While I pray

01 Aug

“Get Out or sit there while I pray”
Sometimes even the blessed need prayer. It’s not as if we get so high that we stuck in ourselves. It’s those spilt seconds that you think everything is good. That’s when the Devil will slip in and put his plan into motion. The devil is patient at times. He knows alittle salt here will allow him to add pepper there, then some extra season for his meal he is brewing later on. Let me tell you not everything The Devil cooks up will make it to the table, but sometimes they do. You see when he drops Alil salt, he inserting Alil trials for you. When he comeback later to see how you made it threw the trials. He will either drop sum pepper with the salt or not add anything. See if he drops sum pepper, he just added sum tribulations. He he doesn’t then he knows he can’t touch Yu.

So he keeps trying, by playing with your mind. Making you see, hear & feel things that are not what they seem. You see the Devil is a lie. That’s not just a statement but it’s truth. He is a lie. He’s a fib. He’s a joke. He is everything that is not the truth. When Yu realise he has been sittin in your places. You jus tel the devil “To Get out or Sit there while i Pray.” After that He knows God ain’t playing.


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