Money got my mind Blank…At times

22 Jul

Thank Yu
Thank Yu
Thank Yu
Thank Yu

I could keep goin but this piece by
Derrick Ward (@DerrickWard32) threw his twitter account,said exactly what I thought. I was about to put it on for all to see, I see this is why I waited. Actually. I already posted I think over 6 months ago on another site. Why do athletes get caught drinking & drivin? With the job economy down hire somebody who needs a job. That lowers the unemployment rate. Stop making that racial profiling excuse. Was anybody thinkin about that when they were getting drunk? When they were getting high? Naw…. But it was the thought after. I think the money got your mind blank… At times. Sure it happens, but so does motor vehicular homicides from impaired drivers of all ethnicities. Basically it’s your fault. Unless you were tricked into drinking, smoking or whatever it is. If you had hired a driver your problem would have been solved. That is unless he or she was impaired also.



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