Got me thinkin

19 Jul

So I’m thinking about this trade of the kid dwight Howard to LA, right. So I’m thinking why wouldn’t this trade get vetoed. Why dint some of the free agents contracts to MiA, La, Boston, NY or The Boogie Down Brooklyn Nets contracts or trades get vetoed by The League aka David Stern.

I mean isn’t the reason he vetoed cp3 to LA because he said it wasn’t good for the NBA. You see I notice small things as this. Notice things like how David Stern can act up towards the media but not the rest of the NBA. That’s like a police officer. You uphold the law, enforce the rules, but you forget that they also apply to you. Im willing to guess that there are Laws in the Rulebook specifically for the Commish. I’m also willing to guess he would retire before he follows them. “Let’s Talk About It.?!”


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