“Never Know when Yu need protection”

18 Jul

“Never Know when Yu need protection”

When Yu return to the place God has delivered Yu from, Yu have to remember how
Yu were delivered in the first place. God saw that Yu did have Faith. God saw
that Yu do believe in Jesus’s death that Yu might be born again. God Saw That
even though we would get lost, we still were worthy of saving. So when the trials arise, tribulations jump out of nowhere. We must remember that some of the most dedicated were tested:
Moses, Abraham, David, John, MLK, Malcon X, Gandhi, JfK, Billy graham & us. The one thing we must remember is that God is a Forgiving God. He understands we will still be tested after we accept him.
We just have to know that the devil is very much a trial. Very much a tribulation. The devil is as beautiful as all of God’s other creations. If you’re looking for horns like they portray in the movies all the time then Yu have been fooled. Yu see we need to make sure we have our Armor on at all
times. Read Ephesians 6:11-19 . It tells us about the only armor that will protect us. Jus because things are good doesn’t mean there won’t be a need for protection. Yu all have a blessed day.

“Heaven sent words by
Tedy Blessed”

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