Too many Contracts

14 Jul

Well I was looking at the wwe’s money in the bank contract. I noticed something interesting. The dates are from July 17,2011-July18,2012. Think about last years winners
Daniel “The YesMan” Bryan & Alberto Del Rio. If neither would have rushed to cash in those #MITB cases, they both still would have 3dAys after the #MITB PpV july 15, 2012. Which is, you guessed it right. This Sunday. I guess the WwE never pays attention to this.

One day will we have four people holding cases at one time? Will we have a #MITB case holder cashing in on the new winner of the case. The match had to evolve one day. The former WWE champions match is not evolving the match but holding down mid card talent. Speaking of former WWe Champions: couldnt this match had used a little Awesomeness. Really. Really it could.

Now Mid talent that uses this match as a way of shattering the glass ceiling. The thing about a glass ceiling is it might be thicker than Yu think.

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