My letter to Tedy Bruschi

28 Jun

Tedy Bruschi,

1st off I wanna say football is a team sport Tedy. That is also a corporate answer. The New England Patriots don’t particularly play team ball. A team has participation from all, it doesn’t get players just to embarrass them. You are shooting your mouth off about people who speak their opinion on what they think. Also you were picked by NE patriots because everything fell right for that to happen. Not everybody has a chance to play on Super Bowl teams. So they choose teams they think has the potential. They also chose these teams thinking, hopeing, believing they would be the final piece to make it all happen.

I get it. You have 3 superbowls rings. You will make it to the Hall of Fame one day. The one thing you seem to not clinch onto is, that guys who don’t have those rings…. Well they have the Hall of Fame to look forward to. All those individual honors you do candidly speak of. They all gave credit to their team for helping them. Now with that being said, how are your individual credits going to be remembered. Yea your interceptions for returns you have a record for, the sacks, tackles & special teams (key word) plays you had. The team did not do that, you did. Hold up but the team helped you, by playing their part. You see Tedy Lecap Bruschi sometimes you just need to shut up. You don’t have a voice it belongs to ESPn. My voice is mine, no matter who I work for or am.

Have a blessed day.

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