A Reply to a comment on Facebook about Wwe raw 1000th

25 Jun

A Reply to a comment on Facebook about WwE’s raw 1000th show. I’m not actually correct in the sentence spacing. Guess what I don’t care. I don’t write to satisfy the people who like being correct or being wrong. I do it to satisfy me. Exactly how I say it is how I type it or write it. Everybody’s not politically correct. So enjoy agree or disagree either way it’s your opinion & your right.

Since the wwe has erased Chris Benoit. I owe it to all his fans to remind them of how Benoit was a very important part of wwe history from when he redebued as a part of the radicalz to the wars with cena, wm match with MvP, 3threat match with y2j, Angle for the ic & European titles. Oh let’s not forget ThE 1st ever submission match with angle with lead to an ultimate submission match. The tag matches with y2j vs dudleys, hardys & edge & Christian. Plus his golden moment of he & Eddie hugging each other after him
Winning wreatlemania against Hbk & 3h. What he accomplished in the ring is what we honor. What happens is a result of a world wide epidemic in all sports. Not just wrestling, but boxing, football, baseball, hockey, soccer & rugby jus to name a few. Junior Seau want erased from nfl, but remembered for all he accomplished in the field. The job is dangerous, we get it. What i don’t get is why it’s an alienation of the blood sweat & tears, that the people have poured in it for along as they have done it. Don’t take it away from them when their memory’s of the ring are what needs to remembered & cherished. Thankful no matter how much the wwe tries
Chris “The Rabid Wolverine” Benoit, will always be remembered threw a crippler crossface, the triple German suplex that Kurt Angle Does. Or the Diving Headbutt. When raw does these episodic shows nobody ever realises its always the same clips. I like the WWE but I have watches wrestling since 75. Maybe they need to change things starting with the 1000 episode of raw.

How about acknowledging people who she won title in TnA,Roh, IwGP, Apjw & the other major entities in Japan. The NHL, nfl, nba, MLB, wnba, Mls, boxing, & other organisations acknowledge people who have won titles elsewhere. TNA, Roh, & All threw Japan does it. Change that at the 1000 shows. Stop tryna own everything. Let the guys own the name if they come up with it, if the wwe comes up with it they own it. Oh & stop lying every week about whats trending the most. How about some real facts. Cena doesn’t have to be one everything build some new starts threw twitter.Raw congrats on all the people you have made & destroyed on your way to 1000 shows. I am probably going to take some heat for all of this but I don’t care. I’ll never here Vince or Paul say I got to words for ya
“Your Fired!”

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