23 Jun


A lot of people like to conversate but don’t really have the concept or art down. Most if not all of you are what I like to call “The Conversator”. Basically this means you are always talking, but never listening. How can you expect anyone to actually relate to you if you not giving them a chance to join in.

The other half are what I call “Being in the Conversation”.
This means you are actually listening to what whoever you are talking to has to say. The conversation goes on & becomes quite enjoyable.
A lot of us know neither of these an float between the to given the circumstances. Alot of us have a big problem just listening period. Meaning you only hear the parts that Matter to you or you think applies. Sometimes this causes misunderstandings (I’ll discuss that 2marr). Basically if we all spent more time listening we might be in better shape when we conversate. Therefore we will have mastered a part of “Conversation”.


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