Chad OchoCinco released my thoughts

08 Jun

I actually find this hard to believe. I’m in agreement with Stephen A. Smith when he says, “You mean to tell me. That Chad OchoCinco can’t learn the play book. You mean to tell me that the patriots couldnt have said Chad go deep. Or chad run a 10 & curl out or left. ”

I think that explains it. I have watch the patriots & I have noticed that the African American athletes who don’t put out. Get put out. Its not only the African Americans as they are labeled these days, but they have released others. I think it was more about embarrassing the guy. I have seen Welker mess up routes. Is he gone. Speaking of Welker. How many balls did the 2nd Golden drop in the SuperBowl compared to what Chad drop.

What it bowls down to is there should be no star besides Tom Brady. Oh & I like Tom Brady, but I’m changing my mind on the patriots. Chads not the 1st guy banished for unknown reasons. Care to say Randy”TheRecordBreaker”Moss. The link below explains things alittle.

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